As a show horny, submissive mare makes me horny to present myself publicly.

To offer myself as a whore, to spread my legs for money, to be there for the male clientele to fuck, that's what makes me really horny.

When I speak of johns, I do not mean it pejoratively or even evil, rather it is the cliché and the wicked. I like being called a hooker or whore, also slut or other pet names.
I know that there are many women who are not well and even really really bad. I want to emphasize clearly that I feel very very sorry for these women and I deeply condemn it when someone is forced. I will not!

To be a good mare and whore to my master, to give the suitors a horny time where they really have fun at and with and in me.
My master has raised me submissive, made me a whore. But prostitute, I do myself.

We live this out openly and honestly, every day, every minute, it belongs to us, as I belong to my master, or as I belong to him.

Your whore Daggi

If it should be that you think you have recognized me, as your friend, acquaintance, colleague or which constellation is also still possible, please speak to me or my master with pleasure. We are pleased about an open word.


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